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Comfortable accommodation in Warsaw for students

Studying abroad in Poland is a very attractive opportunity for students. Cities such as Warsaw or Cracow are filled to the brim with prestigious universities and interesting folks from all continents. Young people are usually afraid of the language barrier or formalities necessary to rent a flat, obtain a temporary residence number and more. Little Home is a great company specializing in solving all the issues of that type.

The firm can easily find suitable accommodation in Warsaw for students. It hires multiple property management experts with a lot of experience in the business. They know the local rental housing market very well and they are able to effectively mark out the best possible offers. They also know lots of landlords personally – that's why they quickly provide the client with a list of available options.

The company does its absolute best to verify the selected place. Employees ensure it's clean and provided with basic necessities such as kitchen appliances, pots, pans and more. They also check the reliability of the host in order to make cooperation with the future tenant as easy and troubleless as possible. Finally, they prepare bilingual documents of the tenancy agreement to avoid any problems with a language barrier.

It's important to notice that the VIP package of services enables the client to request help to obtain various documents. The company's specialists can provide the customer with the support necessary to get a temporary residence permit, a PESEL number, a bank account and even a sim card. It's very easy to successfully do all formalities with a bilingual overseer specializing in legal acts.

The VIP package also includes concierge care during the client's stay in Poland. Students can expect comprehensive support from the firm's specialists with all possible issues. The company is always open to explain any uncertainties or misunderstandings. Thanks to that, tenants have peace of mind and are able to focus solely on their university life.

The company provides great options for people interested in living in Poland for longer. Although it is located in Warsaw, it effectively works in various other Polish cities as well. Property management specialists are always ready to find comfortable accommodation for students in completely new locations.


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Date: 2023-06-01
Phone: 577120550
City: Warszawa
Company address: Chmielna 2
Zip Code: 00-020


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