Quick air conditioning repairs in Surrey

Air conditioning units vastly improve the indoor climate in the household as well as the well-being of inhabitants. CoolingServices24 specializes in the installation and maintenance of these devices. The company is located in Surrey but it also operates in London, Hampshire and Berkshire. It guarantees an immediate response to every enquiry and an examination at the client's place within just 24 hours.

The firm hires skilled personnel with a lot of experience in the business. Specialists are able to quickly establish an efficient air conditioning device. They use high-quality equipment from companies such as:

  • Daikin,
  • Fujitsu,
  • Panasonic,
  • Mitsubishi Electric.

It's worth mentioning that the firm has successfully finished dozens of projects for clients representing various branches of the economy. Its mechanics can operate in many different surroundings. They know how to set up a working AC unit in enormous production facilities, offices, public institutions, private households and small flats. Clients can definitely expect comprehensive support with every possible problem.

The company also does air conditioning repairs in Surrey and other areas of England. It understands that malfunctions of AC units should be fixed as soon as possible – especially during summer heat waves and winter frosts. Specialists quickly drive to the client's address to restore the work of the device.

Mechanics hired by the company have expertise in air conditioning units. They are able to fix every piece of equipment even if it's made by a lesser-known brand. They have deep knowledge of these devices and know how to swiftly dismantle them, repair and then assemble them back.

The firm does its absolute best to follow all obligatory HVAC standards. A proper air conditioning unit should effectively reduce the temperature as well as the humidity in the interior. It also needs to have a low energy consumption. The company cares about these aspects and finishes work only after all the necessary tests are done.


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Date: 2023-05-30
Phone: +447957587915
City: Bracknell
Company address: 2 Greens Cottages, Surrey, London 2
Zip Code: RG-12


Autor: Birdie Bosco

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