How Where-To-Buy solution translates into sale growth?

It is no secret that the primary goal of running a business is to make a profit. In a competitive environment, special actions must be taken to stand out from other entities that often offer similar products or services. Particularly demanding is the online market, where the sales campaign is carried out using different tools than in the case of stationary sales. The average Internet user today is looking for fast content to absorb as much information and entertainment as possible in the shortest possible time. Therefore, it is necessary not only to interest the potential customer properly, but also to be careful not to lose him during the next stages of the purchase path.

In order to increase sales in a new or existing campaign, brands can use products offered by companies specializing in internet marketing. One such product is the Where-To-Buy analytical tool, which comes in the form of a widget, but it is much more than that. How does this solution translate into sale growth? Firstly, it is worth mentioning that a large part of users initially interested in the product leaves before finalizing the purchase. Why is this happening? The reason may be a poorly designed website. Often, manufacturers do not sell their products directly on their website, but customer can buy them through intermediaries. However, it is crucial to connect customers directly with a given store. A widget offered by 100shoppers may work here.

The Where-To-Buy solution is a way to keep the customer on the website and direct them to the target store to complete the purchase. This will significantly improve the shopping path, because it allows to go through all its stages smoothly. At the same time, the widget provides valuable information about customer behavior and their preferences during the purchase, which is aimed at optimizing the campaign. On the basis of transparent reports received by the company, it is possible to strategically plan further sales activities by increasing their effectiveness.


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